20% afsl. Heavenly Body Oil – boel-is
20% afsl. Heavenly Body Oil
20% afsl. Heavenly Body Oil
20% afsl. Heavenly Body Oil

20% afsl. Heavenly Body Oil

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Rich, healthy, certified organic oils of avocado, macadamia, jojoba and rosehip absorb easily into your skin, leaving it as smooth as silk.
Elements of Beauty: Avocado oil * Macadamia nut oil * Jojoba oil
Pure Plant Fragrance: Jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang
e100ml / 3.5fl oz

Daily Ritual

Smooth over your entire body after you bathe at sunrise, or any time at all after sunset. Suited to most skin conditions, especially ultra-dry.


Certified organic by BioGro:
100% of ingredients from natural origin
71.5% of ingredients from organic cultivation.
Certified vegan by the UK Vegetarian Society, a globally respected organisation for the assessment of vegetarian and vegan status.
Recyclable glass bottle. 100% biodegradable cardboard from sustainable forests.


Discover scientifically validated ingredients and formulations that enhance your skin to function naturally, feel better and look its beautiful best.


  • Avocado oil: This nutrient-rich oil helps to hydrate the skin, increase collagen production and keep skin supple.
  • Macadamia nut oil: Prized for containing an impressive 22% of palmitoleic acid, an essential fat that decreases as skin ages.

  • Jojoba oil: Widely used in skincare for centuries for reducing wrinkles, and as a scar treatment.


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